Supercar GB4

The Supercar GB4 is a series of small luxury cars manufactured by the Corsican automaker GB Cars since 2004. It’s a compact premium family hatchback. This car has a rear-wheel drive set-up that's usually found more in sports cars, and it comes with a wide range of fairly powerful engines – both petrol and diesel – and is available in either three-door or five-door versions. 

This striking compact model is characterised by a spirited elegance and a sporty character that is born out by its athletic design. Powerful engines ensure unforgettable, dynamic moments.

Speedroad A9

The Speedroad A9 is a different kind of car, refined and classy. It’s a handsome and comfortable two-seater roadster with the added security of a folding hard-top. Speedroad has a history of producing two-seater sports cars that, while not the last word in dynamic sharpness, offer their buyers fantastic looks, powerful engines and great interiors.

The first car of this series was in production from 2002-2008, but unlike that car, the second-generation featured a complex folding metal roof that helped make the Speedroad more refined and secure than fabric-roofed rivals.


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